At Unique Denture Clinic, Melbourne,

we believe every smile is unique.

Low-quality, ill-fitting dentures aren’t only uncomfortable, they also rob you of an important quality: your smile

Since 2012 we have been dedicated to creating affordable, natural looking, full, immediate, partial, and implant dentures that don’t change your smiles character.

Brent Smart, the Director of Unique Denture Clinic, is a qualified Dental Prosthetist with more than 15 years of experience working with dental prosthetics. He and his team use high-quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment to carefully craft dentures that are always natural looking and comfortable; whether you’re smiling, talking, or eating.

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Lost all your
teeth on
one or both

Full Dentures

A full denture will return you to having a full set of teeth, and have you smiling, talking, and eating with confidence again. Full dentures are dental prosthesis designed to replace all the teeth on one or both arches, along with any tissue and bone that may have resorbed since the original teeth were extracted.

Only missing
one or a few

Partial Dentures

Not everyone with missing teeth will need full dentures, and if you are only missing a few teeth, a partial denture will fill those gaps with natural looking teeth that match the remaining original teeth you still have. Partial dentures are secured in place through the use of an unobtrusive tooth or gum clasp that helps you retain a naturally beautiful smile.

need fixing or

Relines and Repairs

Even the best made dentures can break and need to be repaired, and dentures that no longer fit securely might need to be relined in time. Once you have great fitting dentures that have you smiling with confidence again, however, you won’t want to be without them for too long. This is why at Unique Denture Clinic we aim to have all but the most complex repairs and relines completed within a day.

dentures with extra

Removable Implant Denture

Most people are used to dental implants being used when replacing a single tooth, but they are also useful for dentures. Removable implant dentures see two to four titanium post implants being placed into your jaw, and this allows a specially designed denture to attach to the implants, keeping it more securely in place. Removable implant dentures are particularly useful for lower jaw dentures which some people find to be too loose fitting.

Want the
closest thing
to having
your natural
teeth back?

Fixed Implant Denture (All-on-4)

A fixed implant denture, sometimes referred to as the All-on-4 treatment, sees a fixed full-arch dental prosthesis being kept in place by four to six specially positioned implants in the jaw. With no need for bone grafting, you move from surgery to smiling and eating with confidence much faster than with other similar procedures.

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