Partial Dentures

Like full dentures, a partial denture is a removable dental prosthetic, but specifically designed to only replace some missing teeth, leaving your remaining original teeth untouched. The partial denture is secured in place by placing a clasp on a number of the remaining teeth. Most partial dentures are made from either Acrylic or Chrome cobalt.

Acrylic Dentures

Acrylic (synthetic) partial dentures are the most cost-effective, but some patients might find them to be less comfortable because the strength of acrylic is in its thickness. The clasp used to secure these dentures is usually stainless steel.

Chrome Cobalt Dentures

A metal base makes chrome cobalt dentures stronger, but also allows for the base to be considerably thinner than that of acrylic dentures, making them more comfortable. The clasp is built into the frame, so the fit and strength of the clasp is greater too. This makes it a more superior partial denture, but also more costly.

The Partial Denture Process

At unique denture clinic we carefully craft our partial dentures for maximum comfort and to keep the required clasps as unobtrusive as possible. The teeth are all carefully selected to match the colour and size of the remaining teeth, helping you maintain a natural smile, without anyone ever noticing you have a partial denture in place.

This process requires two to five appointments, depending on the number and location of the missing teeth needing to be replaced.

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