Full Dentures

For many people, their first exposure to dental prosthetics is with traditional dentures, rather than implant dentures.

A full denture is a removable dental prosthetic for someone who has lost all the teeth on their upper or lower dental arch, or both. Because the tissue and bone around the teeth are resorbed following extraction, a full denture is also designed to replace the lost tissue and bone and help restore facial contours. The base of each full denture is a pink acrylic, similar in shade to normal gums, and the teeth are also usually acrylic. Under normal circumstances the lifespan of a full denture can be up to 8 or 10 years, though they will need to be relined every three to four years.

At Unique Denture Clinic our goal is always to create natural looking dentures that are also comfortable in any situation, allowing you to eat, talk, and smile with confidence.

All of our full dentures are processed using injection moulding, which results in a base material with less shrinkage, so the fit of the dentures is always better. It also means the dentures are stronger, with a greater bond to the teeth.

The teeth that we use in the dentures we make are chosen for their superior quality. The key differences between high-quality teeth and cheaper teeth are:

High-quality teeth are stronger, so are less prone to cracking or breaking under normal circumstances. They also wear down at a slower rate, helping to extend the life of the denture.

High-quality teeth are also designed to look as natural as possible, so each tooth could be multi-tonal, and even appear translucent in some areas, while cheaper teeth are a single solid colour.

Our dental prosthetists carefully select each tooth used in a full denture based on shade, shape, and size, to ensure that each denture perfectly suits each individual.

In most instances the entire process, from initial consultation through to completed dentures, requires five separate appointments. However, we always want our patients to be completely satisfied, so we can schedule additional appointments if necessary.

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